Benefits of a Photo Booth


There’s lots of ways to help ensure the guests at your wedding have a great time, from bands and DJ’s through to games and dancing. One the best forms of wedding entertainment however is the humble photo booth. Photo booths are a fantastic form of entertainment because they appeal to a huge variety of guests. Sure, not everyone will feel comfortable dancing, we’ve found however that most people love dressing up and having their photos taken in a fun, candid manner.

The great thing about a photo booth is that your guests receive their prints instantly. They can walk around the room and show their friends, which in turn encourages more and more people to use the photo booth. In essence, the more people using it, the more who want to use it. In this sense it’s fantastic because guests become excited about having a go and seek out the photo booth so they to can have some photos to take home. This great guide on Hackerspace suggests hiring a photo booth is a great form of wedding entertainment.


There are lots of ways to put a unique spin on your photo booth and to incorporate it into your wedding in a fun and interesting manner. For example, the bride and groom may purchase a tree along with some vintage wooden pegs. Guests can then peg their photo strips to the tree and by the end of the wedding reception there’s an awesome looking photo tree full of images for guests to have a good laugh at. A similar thing can be done with a pin board whereby guests can pin their photo strips to the board to create a fun overview of the nights events.

A photo booth rental company such as Booth Boy offers all sorts of services which allow your wedding guests to take home something to remember the evening by. We really like their photo booths because they are open air and have a really interesting vibe. Heaps of people can fit into each and every photograph and their props are interesting enough to ensure people don’t get bored with the photo booth but keep coming back again and again. Check out their website for more info.

Another brilliant way to create a keepsake for your wedding is to offer a guest book. How does a guest book work exactly? Each time guests use the photo booth it prints out multiple photo strips. Your guests then stick one of these photo strips in a photo album using glue sticks and washi tape. Alongside the photos guests can leave a personalised message using acid free pens. This means you’ll have something to treasure, a beautiful book that you can flick through for years to come in order to remember the most important night of your life.

No mater what you decide to do for your wedding it’s always worth remembering one thing. It’s the guests that make the wedding, all your friends and family, the most important people in your life will be there, so wether you’re having a really fancy and lavish wedding or a simple backyard affair it’s important to find a way to capture photos of your guests. If you’re not really sure what a photo booth is you can read more about them on Wikipedia – Essentially a photo booth is a box that contains a camera which is operated via a touch screen. Most booths offer instant printing so your guest can take a photo home with them. Do be warned though, there are a lot of really low quality photo booth hire business in the market so do your research and make sure you choose a vendor with good quality booth.

Incorporate a theme into your photo booth

Perhaps you’ve chosen to have a themed wedding reception? This is a popular choice and one which helps personalise your wedding and make it stand out amongst the rest. The great thing about a photo booth is that there’s heaps of props for you and your guests to pose with in the photos. What’s more though, is that you can buy props which match the theme of your wedding. This is the perfect way of tying the images in with your wedding and ensuring everyone remembers the theme of your evening. Think about it, lets say you have a tropical themed wedding, you could go out and purchase some inflatable bananas, pink flamingoes and fake pineapples. Your guests would then pose with these props in the photos and bam! Whenever you or your guest flick through the guest book you have instant memories of your tropical wedding right there. Perfect.

The only limit to your props is your imagination. Most photo booth hire companies will provide a standard selection of props which will be included in your hire package however there is certainly no reason why you can’t jazz things up with your own selection of personalised props.. They need not be expensive, with a little time and imagination you can make it awesome! One thing that is great to keep in mind is that photo booth props don’t need to things that may immediately spring to mind, sure, moustaches on sticks and glasses can be great, but part of the fun is getting your guests to be creative. If you supply an assortment of random but fun looking objects you’ll be surprised by all the weird and wonderful ways in which your guests pose with them!

So there you go, if you’re giving some thought to wedding entertainment why not consider hiring a photo booth. They provide hours of entertainment for guests from all walks of life, whist at the same time capture priceless memories of your special day.


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